The demise of the Subway token in 2003, replaced by the somewhat prosaic but more efficient Metro Card, had the unintended effect of making one of the City’s signature expressions unfortunately redundant. Until then, if anyone needed to express an opinion that something had a precise value of absolutely zero, they had the perfect comeback:

“Well, that and a Subway token will get me uptown.”

These days Subway tokens from all eras have found a new life as fashion accessories and collectibles thanks to the NY Transit Museum Shop, where items from bracelets to cufflinks, have been designed with the iconic tokens as their centerpiece. For a little additional detail and authenticity, the Subway Token Watch, even has a dial base made from a “revenue bag”, used to transfer tokens throughout the system.

The Museum Shop has a great range of other items too, from Subway themed lip balm right through to home and office decor and accessories – check out the Subway themed tiles and mosaics – and of course everything in between: T-Shirts; prints; toys; jewelry, books ….

A great source for unusual gifts with that distinctly New York vibe, and with We Shop That you get a 10% discount on any NY Transit Museum items you buy.

New York Transit Museum. We Shop That.

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