Frequently asked questions

  • Is We Shop That a retailer?

    We Shop That is a service provider who will purchase the item you want from a retail supplier and arrange to deliver it to you. We don’t hold stock or resell items.

  • Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

    Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

  • Does We Shop That add anything to the price of items?

    We Shop That purchases items for its users and charges only the cost of the item, including any applicable sales taxes; we pass on discounts and special offers to purchasers whenever possible.

  • Do you add anything to the price of shipping?

    We Shop that doesn’t add anything to the cost of shipping. We seek the best shipping price from our shipping partners and provide a choice between the fastest shipping solution and a more economical option to our clients.

  • Can you help if I want to return or exchange my purchase?

    We Shop That can help with returns and exchanges. We will manage the return or exchange in line with the retailer’s policies. Purchasers are responsible for sending the product back to us at their own cost and in a condition that will be accepted by the retailer. We Shop That charges a $25 handling fee for the return or exchange and if the purchaser requires us to ship an exchanged item to them, We Shop That’s regular fee applies. On many items, returns and exchanges are not economic from international destinations but We Shop That will help purchasers as much as possible.

  • What is the “Secure Payment Fee”?

    We Shop That uses Chase Orbital, an industry standard, world’s best, secure payment gateway. Your security is guaranteed. The processing fee for payments is 1.65% of the total amount of your purchase.

  • What is the “Service Fee”?

    The Service Fee is the fee We Shop That charges for purchasing, receiving, repacking, shipping and tracking your item. 

  • Can I buy multiple items for a single service fee?

    In most cases, the Service Fee covers handling a single item. Additional purchases from the same retailer at the same time can be purchased for a reduced Service Fee which is 50% of the initial Service Fee. In some cases, a purchase of multiple products from the same retailer can be bundled together for a single Service Fee. Contact your Personal Shopper at We Shop That to check. 

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