Scoopy changes to the A at West 4th because it runs express

New York is one of the most dog-friendly cities on earth.

When we’re not out chasing squirrels in Central Park with our pooch we’re whiling away the hours obsessing over the internet sensation WeRateDogs.

In case you haven’t stumbled upon this wholesome comedic gem, it’s a business that was spawned by a Twitter account launched by high school sophomore Matt Nelson – initially as a joke – and now has four million followers. It has even helped to popularize an internet language known as ‘DoggoLingo’.

It rates dogs out 10, often with endearingly funny comments and, because it subscribes to the theory that every dog is a good dog, many of the pups that feature score 12/10 or more.

Like Nelly here:

So in celebration of good dogs everywhere, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite NYC pooch products.

This city has some seriously stylish doggie kit and We Shop That can shop it and send it to you, anywhere in the world – quick as a whippet!


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