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Amazon’s product line: Echo Show, Echo Look, Echo Spot, Echo Tap

We’ve been pretty impressed by Amazon Echo’s recent additions to its home tech offering that included a new generation of Echo products such as a the main Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus plus a gaggle of new features that include The Echo Show, that enables video calling; The Echo Look, aimed at fashionistas; and The Echo Spot, a super fancy alarm clock.

But now Google has stepped in the ring with its own line to compete with Amazon’s popular Echo line.

The clever people at Business Insider have done the hard work for us and come up with a detailed comparison on how the two families stack up for those who are scratching their heads about which home tech to choose.

Here’s our price and product guide edit of their comprehensive list:

Amazon Echo and Google Home

Amazon Echo + Google Home


Amazon Echo: $100

Google Home: $130

What it does:

Amazon Echo: Amazon’s main Echo device can play music, offer directions and even order you an Uber. Alexa can even re-order you items from Amazon. The second-generation speaker both costs less and looks better than the first model.

Google Home: Powered by Google Assistant, it plays music and answers questions, much like the Amazon echo.

Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home

Amazon Echo Dot + Google Home


Amazon Echo Dot: $50

Google Home Mini: $50

What is does:

Amazon Echo Dot: The Dot is an extension device, enabling you to network your Echo devices and play music in multiple rooms. It can be used as an alarm or as a device to receive info from Alexa such as news headlines.

Google Home Mini: Also an extension device, it has similar features to the Dot but also includes a broadcast feature enabling you to speak directly through your other Home devices.

Echo Plus and Google Home Max

Amazon Echo Plus + Google Home Max.


Amazon Echo Plus: $150

Google Home Max: $400

What it does

Amazon Echo Plus: Same features as the standard Echo but with better speakers and a built-in smart home hub. It creates a fully integrated smart home, controlled by voice, using Echo devices that are connected to household items such as smart lights and TVs.

Google Home Max: More of a speaker than a smart device aimed at audio fans, though it is capable of certainly does everything that all the other Google Home devices do.

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In the meantime, tech-heads can catch up on all the latest Google news from CNET, including the controversy of the year: Hamburger Emoji-gate (wink, wink).


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