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Contact us with details of the product you’d like to purchase and your location. We’ll get back to you with the total cost and delivery details.

Include a link if you know what you want, or we can help you find the best deal, and let you know about any discounts available through our local contacts and memberships. 

We Shop That. Shop New York From Anywhere.

How it works


Contact us with details of your request or the item you want to buy. Send a link if you know exactly what you want.


We’ll reply to you with a total price for the purchase and delivery of your item, plus our single service fee of US$50.


Confirm what items you want, provide your delivery details, and pay using our secure payment system. 


We purchase and forward your item to you, send confirmation, and track your item until it’s delivered to your door.

Why use us?


We talk with you directly, find what you want and advise you on the best options for getting it to you. We also let you know about any offers or discounts available to We Shop That users.


We’ll get it for you right away and we’ll get it to you right away. We use the fastest air courier service to deliver your package. 


We guarantee our service and we only buy from source retailers directly or top tier online sellers.


We do it all for you, buy locally and forward your package to you. You make one payment for purchase, shipping, and service. No need for registration or accounts with retailers. 

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